Offering Farmers an Alternative

De Dell Seeds was established in 1999, and we are proud to be a family owned and operated Non-GMO Seed Corn Company!  In addition to conventional corn we offer organic seed corn.  De Dell has consistent, proven, industry leading Non-GMO hybrids offered at a fair price that will work on your farm.

De Dell’s hybrids are elite high performing non-GMO corn hybrids selected for high yield, standability and health to provide you with the hybrids you need for your farm.  By choosing De Dell’s conventional corn you will maintain the health of your herd, the environment, your family, and have more profit on your farm.

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Discover how our organic, Non-GMO corn seed maintains the health of your barn, environment, and family.

Access a quality product at a fair price

We provide consistent high performing, Non-GMO hybrids, with no need to worry about breaking the bank.

Improve your bottom line

Save over $30 per acre by cutting out the technology fees with Non-GMO corn. These savings, plus a high quality product at a fair cost, result in a bottom line you will be proud of.

Increase farm profit

Sustainable farming practices in combination with elite products, results in heightened demand from the farming community. See your profits soar after making the switch to De Dell corn seed.

Employ leading edge genetics

Our breeding and development team works to provide you with tested, elite, high performing hybrids. Using a diverse genetic base, our corn development program delivers a corn portfolio of hybrids with diverse backgrounds providing you with more options for your farm.

Al Nixon - L'Orignal, Ontario

Once I switched back to a conventional feeding program my herd has never been healthier! I have significantly reduced my veterinary bill while at the same time as increased my production.

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