Become a De Dell Dealer

Expand your Knowledge of the Conventional Seed Markets & Network with the Agriculture Community

Do you have a passion for agriculture and awareness of the seed industry?  Become a De Dell Dealer.  You can provide customers with conventional, non-GMO corn allowing the customer to grow better crops, obtain cash premiums where available, make more profit and grow higher yields – while maintaining sustainable farming practices.

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At De Dell our dealers can expect to benefit from a number of advantages leading to a healthier and more profitable farm.

Improve Environment And Health Quality

By distributing organic or Non-GMO corn seed, you're helping to improve the health of both the environment, and the people around you.

Boost Industry Profits

Improve overall industry performance by advising customers on the most profitable farming practices.

Promote Sustainable Farming

Learn sustainable farming practices and gain the ability to actively apply them in your own work.

Put Your Passion To Use

Connect with those around you in the seed industry, and learn how to make positive changes in the industry.

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