Leading Edge Non-GMO Hybrids

Established in 1999, all of De Dell’s hybrids are Non-GMO and will compete against any other seed corn on the market.

De Dell Seeds does not use Neonicotinoids (insecticide) as a standard seed treatment.  By choosing De Dell’s conventional corn you will maintain the health of your barns, the environment, the bees, your family, as well as have healthier profits on your farm.

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We are proud to be one of the few GMO Free seed corn companies. We are a family run business with consistent, proven, leading edge Non‑GMO hybrids offered at a fair price.

Vince Trudell, President

Non-GMO Benefits


Right off the hop we can put money into your pocket! There are no technology fees with Non-GMO corn and that can easily save you $30 per acre. That adds up over a number of acres.

Soil Health

Improve your soil health planting a Non-GMO crop. Glyphosate changes the microbiology of your soil by chelating to micronutrients and makes then unavailable to the plant for uptake.

Animal Health

There are more micronutrients available in conventional feed for your livestock. Glyphosate chelates in micronutrients make them unavailable to the plant for uptake, making them unavailable to the livestock.

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