De Dell Seeds is very excited about the new hybrids they are introducing to their lineup in 2024, that set a new standard for what conventional corn can accomplish while also proving that conventional corn can be just as profitable and higher quality as its GM counterpart. Without all the hassle.

At De Dell Seeds, our experts will help dealers and their farmer customers who want to maximize profitability while only needing to change their herbicide management program.

De Dell’s conventional corn varieties are high-performing and selected for high yield, standability and health to provide growers with the performance farmers need.

Top Tier Genetics

Conventional hybrids, contrary to popular myth, are not inferior to GM corn products. They are bred to help farmers grow healthy crops and run a profitable business. De Dell’s conventional corn will maintain the health of a herd, the environment, and everyone who lives in it — and create profit for your farm at the same time.

How does De Dell do this?

Their breeding team develops and tests their hybrids to ensure the seed performs to its maximum potential.

“We do our work with a Main Street — not Wall Street — mentality. We’re here to offer growers an affordable alternative to GM seed while providing them with top-quality genetics that totally bust the myth that conventional corn is inferior to GM corn”

– Vince Trudell, founder of De Dell Seeds

It is this commitment to customers and quality that dealers and their customers have come to expect from the family-owned company founded in 1999 and based in Melbourne, Ontario.

De Dell’s conventional corn varieties — including grain corn, organic corn and silage corn — are high-performing and selected for high yield, standability and stress tolerance to provide farmers with the performance needed for their farm.

Proof is in the Performance

“We develop our own materials, working with some of the best corn breeders in the business,” Trudell says. “With our hybrids, you’re going to be able to make more money because of the cost savings associated with the lower seed costs. And, there are often big savings due to the fact there are no GM technology license fees involved with conventional corn.”

De Dell is bringing to dealers the ability to play an important part in the agricultural supply chain, by offering farmers an affordable option to grow a profitable crop without the hassle and expense of delving into the GM realm.

Trudell explains how it works.

“Our breeding team breeds the inbreds. They do all the crossing and develop the hybrids, and then those hybrids are tested to ensure they perform the way farmers need them to,” he says. “We are very excited about the new hybrids we are introducing into our lineup for 2024. Of the six new hybrids we’re introducing, four come from proprietary genetics. We tested these hybrids, and they were outyielding the best genetics available from third parties. We’re extremely proud of that.”

That makes for a broad product portfolio that dealers can offer their customers, and for a selection of diverse genetics depending on farmers’ needs and preferences.

“When you break down the cost savings per acre for our seed versus some of the larger competition partnered with the premiums available for non-GMO grain, you can definitely improve your profitability while making minimal changes on your farm,” Trudell adds.

Want to experience the benefits of Non-GMO corn first hand?