Your farm can benefit from
non-gmo crops

Higher crop yields

15% More

Non-GM corn can yield up to 15% more per acre than GM corn.

Consumer demand

The market for non-GMO foods has grown from $1.3 billion in 2011 to $3.1 billion in 2013 partially because some¬†Asian and European¬†countries don’t want GMO seeds.


Lower price

Non-genetically modified corn can cost $150 less per bag than genetically modified corn.

$150 Less

Better for our health

Organic non-GMO crops have been found to contain 60% more antioxidants than their GMO counterparts. Non-GMO corn is 20 times richer in nutrition, energy and protein compared to GMO corn.

Why de dell non-gmo
corn seeds?

200BushelsPer acre

De Dell corn seeds yield an average of 200 bushels of crop per acre, a 6% Increase over other genetically modified crop seeds

4.3%Increased incomePer acre

De Dell corn seeds produce up to a 4.3% increase of income per acre compared to competitors GM seeds

42.3%Less CostPer acre

Increased crop yield at 42.3% less the cost per acre than GM crop seeds of competitors

Protect your farm from the risks of gmos

GMOs harm soil quality, disrupt ecosystems, and reduce biodiversity

This leads to the degradation of our soils and beneficial microorganisms that are required to produce an abundance of nutrient-dense, safe feed and food.

Effects of pesticides & chemicals are manifest in GMO plants as a yield drag, poor nutrient efficiency, increased disease, and reduced stress tolerance.

Between 1996 and 2011 GMO crops increased overall pesticide use by 404 million pounds.

61.2 million acres of cropland in the US are plagued by weeds that are resistant to the popular glyphosate herbicides as a result of growing GMO crops.

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