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Keep your livestock happy and healthy with our nutrient-rich Silage. A healthier herd is more productive and results in a more sustainable farm. Do not underestimate the benefit a high quality, nutrient-rich silage feed can bring to your livestock and farm as a whole. Choose from our available Non-GMO silage hybrids below!

*the products listed on the website are not an accurate representation of what is available in inventory

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    De Dell Seed Corn Bag

    Debunker | CHU 3100 | RM 103


    Debunker is our newest silage specific hybrid exhibiting very good roots and exceptional plant health. Long ears with white cobs are positioned low on the plant allowing this tall, healthy, leafy silage hybrid to stand well for ease of harvest. Plant populations should be kept to 26000-28000 for maximum ear flex and to allow you to save on seed costs.

    Check out Debunker's hybrid showcase here:


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    De Dell Seed Corn Bag

    Defrost | CHU 2000 | RM 67


    Defrost was developed for the northern fringe of the corn growing market. It has excellent cold vigour and early growth. Incredible early flowering and grain fill means it could be combined for early grain.  Consistent fixed ears can handle higher populations.  Makes a good option for grazing in the earliest of regions. The earliness of this hybrid helps it mature before de frost.

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    De Dell Seed Corn Bag

    Devour | CHU 2450 | RM 82


    This big early silage hybrid has amazing spring vigour and growth. High grain content and tall digestible stalks produce phenomenal silage. Although it introduced as a silage product, Devour excels in grain testing, and exhibits early flowering and good dry down with high test weight grain. For those reasons it makes a good early grain or dual purpose choice as well. Expect this hybrid to be Devoured!

    Finally check out Devour's hybrid showcase here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHND08ox8uk

  • De Dell Seed Corn Bag

    Dynamite | CHU 2825 | RM 96


    Dynamite marks the launch of De Dell floury silage corn! This new leafy variety is not just an improvement in yield, but it also adds a new feed quality characteristic.  Dynamite carries the floury gene which makes the kernels softer and more digestible. Because of the floury gene, this hybrid should be planted in whole fields or large blocks within a field for maximum quality.  It has great early season growth and vigour and healthy plants through to harvest. When you move your herd to a Floury Leafy ration, reduce the concentrate corn in the TMR. Expect starch to be 10 to 12% more digestible than what you are used to.


  • De Dell Seed Corn Bag

    Delicious Won! | CHU 2700 | RM 101


    This hybrid has won the heart of many a farmer and cow! Delicious Won is an established and dependable hybrid that is very tall and leafy with good standability. This variety produces a lot of good quality grain on long, girthy white cobs. Very favourable feed tests can be realized with Delicious Won. It is closely related to Delicious Too, only a little later in maturity.

  • De Dell Seed Corn Bag

    Delightful | CHU 2500 | RM 85


    Your cows and your banker will find this hybrid very delightful! These attractive plants are leafy and have very good stay green capabilities providing a long harvest window. This hybrid has ears with pink cobs that produce high grain yield, providing more energy in your silage. As chosen out of our early season research plots, it makes a very good choice for shorter season growing areas.